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Need a building material list for the house plan or multi unit plan you have? Custom Plan services will develop a list of materials for you to give to the lumberyards for pricing in your area.


Are you a material supplier send us your plans in .pdf format and we will do a material takeoff for you. The best way to find out what the cost of the takeoff would be is to email your plan and we will return a price to develop the takeoff for you.


Custom Plan Services will provide you with three lists for your plan:


· Assembly List—For the Builder—Materials are grouped in assemblies showing where each piece is used


· Delivery List—For the person ordering Materials to be shipped—Materials are placed in groups for delivery as needed for each phase of construction


· Consolidated Parts List—For the lumberyards to price from—Like materials are consolidated into single lines for ease of pricing


      Call us 828-775-7526 for an estimated cost to create the material list for your plan. Send us a .pdf file of your plan via E-mail to:  and we will give you an exact price for the material list.